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Our legal team provide you the below mentioned formalities required for a business.

Franchisee Agreement:

GFFPL supports in drafting the franchise agreement and submit to the Client's attorney for review and approval, a Franchise Agreement defining the contractual relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee.
We ensure that proper transparency is maintained in drafting the agreement and the franchise operations runs smoothly.

Franchisee Agreement:
GFFPL assist in drafting the disclosure agreement and submit to the Client's attorney, for review and approval, the disclosure document required by the legal agencies and state regulatory agencies.

Renewal Agreement:
GFFPL helps in drafting the franchise renewal agreements and submit to the Client's attorney for review and renewal. This agreement signifies the successful completion of one session

Legal issues:
GFFPL assists its franchisors & franchisees in any legal cases that arises between the two parties and also provide full assistance in the settlement of its arbitrations or any disputes.

GFFPL makes it a point to ensure proper notification to its clients beforehand in case of any changes in the government laws, tax, current industry practices and any change in the business style of both the parties