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Sales & Marketing

Every franchisable business needs proper marketing & advertisement in each new location it venture into. Marketing forms an integral part in each & every location for projecting a good sales of the franchising business. Different regions needs different mode of marketing as per the demand. GFFPL believes in innovative marketing for its clients. With marketing & advertisement, sales also depend upon the quality of product we supply & with our association with the best brands, the results have been positive so far & we aim to continue the same throughout.

GFFPL works with new and existing franchisors to develop build generation programs. This process includes the development and documentation of a targeted and manage franchise lead and truly efficient franchise marketing program. The franchise marketing program includes designing a target franchise buyer profile, identifying key markets with growth opportunity for a franchise system, developing a media buying plan and building franchise advertisements.

GFFPL will develop and execute a comprehensive and complete franchise sales strategy. A truly effective franchise program must include the franchise sales team in order to attract and close the largest amount of franchise partners. As already mentioned, GFFPL has pan India presence that gives us the flexibility to sell and market franchises and license offerings within a given time frame