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Restaurant Consultancy

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Restaurant Consultancy

By providing a comprehensive consultancy service with an understanding of the demands in this sector, we are able to pin point which areas of the business need attention. The hotel and leisure sector operates in an exceptionally competitive climate and GFFPL always seek to emphasize the value of their services is a reflection of the quality and experience of their team. Our team have a profound understanding of the issues that restaurant operators encounter. We have tried and tested skills and methodologies and a perspective that, GFFPL provides expertise across the spectrum. Our work can be defined by the below mentioned points :-

Understanding the demands of the market and the product or portfolio of products that can mitigate the risks and provide success. The feasibility study includes not only the market investigation but also the site and operations analysis to provide accurate financial data to best determine the value of the investment.

For land owners, developers or existing leaseholders who believe the parcel they own may be appropriate as a Restaurant often need assistance in determining strategy, uses, financial planning, branding, flagpole, operations and a feasibility study. This includes not only the interiors but also the provisions (Menu, Chefs, Kitchen Equipments, Softwares, Apps, etc) and their size or performance expectations of operating within the property.

Understanding Restaurant business is a unique skill set takes over after the design, financing and build out of the unit. Without a strong operation geared towards a revenue management system that delivers the financial returns, the investment can and will be inevitably damaged. Understanding a Restaurant customer can no longer be judged on the food cost but instead, the taste and ambience one gets when he visits, we give the best to provide all of it and indeed help in making a strong foundation.

The backbone of the GFFPL is executing engagements within the market to drive greater returns, higher profitability and long term sustainability.